We have recently moved this process online. Please read the following information carefully and follow the steps as you put together your application for readmission to the university.

If the following apply to you, then this is the right form for you: 

  • You do not yet have a bachelor's degree
  • You had a UCSC email address
  • You have a Student ID Number that is different from your Social Security Number
  • You are not currently on Leave of Absence (LOA students are automatically reactivated for their approved return term)
  • Contact your college advisers if you were last here before 1994 or otherwise were never issued a UCSC email address

Note that there is a $70 filing fee posted to your account when your application is reviewed; you are responsible for this fee even if you do not return to UC Santa Cruz.

IMPORTANT: Do not wait until the last minute to begin the process!

This process will require proactive planning for the submission of multiple documents. Depending on your unique situation, this may involve getting transcripts, major plans, filing appeals to declare, medical documentation, review by numerous offices on campus, and this will take time. By beginning the process early, you will give yourself the time you need to get these documents and be better prepared for any unexpected situations. We recommend that students start preparing to submit their application at least 4 weeks in advance of the deadline to file an application (see quarterly deadlines below).

Filing Periods

Calendar Blocks

  Filing Period Extended Deadline
Winter July 1 - September 30  
Spring October 1 - December 31  
Fall January 1 - March 31 May 31*
Summer April 1 - May 31  

* Approval during the extended filing period is subject to the discretion of the college. Applicants filing for fall readmission during the extended filing period between April 1 and May 31 may not be approved. Those that are approved will have a late enrollment appointment. Class selection and availability may be limited. To ensure timely processing and enrollment opportunities, we strongly recommend all fall readmission applications be filed by March 31.


Step 1. Update your portal and check your to-do's.

To update your portal information, login to MyUCSC with your gold password. If you have difficulty accessing your portal (password problems)  call (831) 459-4357 (459-HELP). Your Student ID number can be found on the portal in the Student Center > Student Advising Summary. 

The information you provide in your readmission form must match what is in your student portal, especially your alternate email address, telephone number, and Student ID number. This is how we verify your identity and the validity of your application.

If you have been away for two or more regular terms (fall, winter, spring), you will be required to submit a Statement of Legal Residence on your portal. The Residence Deputy has more information on determining your residency status and when to file your Statement of Legal Residence. Failure to file will result in being classified as a nonresident and subject to nonresident fees.

Check to see if you have any enrollment holds. Some enrollment holds (financial, student life) should be remedied immediately (there is little point in readmitting if you can't enroll in class!). Other enrollment holds (academic progress) may be resolved as part of your readmission (your college adviser will give you the details).

Step 2. Collect your transcripts.

If you attended any other institutions since you last attended UC Santa Cruz, you will need to send your transcripts. There are three places you will need to submit these transcripts.

  1. You will need to have your official transcripts sent to the Registrar at:

    Office of The Registrar
    1156 High Street
    Santa Cruz, CA 95064
  2. You will need to provide a copy of your unofficial transcript(s) to your major adviser directly.
  3. You will need to upload a copy of your unofficial transcript(s) to your college via this online application.

NOTE: Most institutions allow you to print or download unofficial transcripts from their student portal system. A PDF of this transcript would be ideal. If in-progress courses are not shown on the unofficial transcript, other evidence of enrollment, such as a screenshot indicating current enrollment will suffice.

Step 3. Prepare your documentation/response in advance.

  • If you were not in good academic standing when you were last at UC Santa Cruz, you will need to prepare a letter addressed to the Academic Standing Review Committee describing the circumstances of your leave, and how you plan to improve your performance upon your return.
  • If you withdrew from the quarter for documented medical reasons after the 6th week of the quarter, your college will ask to have your Medical Readiness to Return form sent or faxed to the Cowell Health Center. Although you do not need to have this form completed right now, it will be required later in the readmission process (remember that until you submit the Medical Readiness to Return form, your readmission will not be fully processed).
  • If you were not declared when you left UCSC and/or have not completed the qualification requirements necessary to be eligible to declare your intended major, you need to provide an academic plan (see step 4) showing how you will qualify upon your return.
  • If you are not eligible to declare your intended major and need to submit an appeal to your major, you will need to learn what the appeal process entails prior to submitting an application (this could prevent you from being approved by your college).

Step 4. Complete the UCSC Academic Planning Form with your major adviser.

  • You will need to upload a completed Academic Planning Form approved by your major adviser(s) indicating which classes you plan to take to complete your your degree in the quarters of eligibility you have remaining at UCSC. NOTE: This is now done online as a GoogleSheet.
  • If you are an undecided or undeclared student, you will still need to submit an Academic Planning Form signed by your prospective major adviser.

IMPORTANT!! Major departments have different procedures for completing Academic Planning forms for students seeking readmission. Because major departments vary in the way they work with students to develop an academic plan, you should contact your major adviser ASAP to find out the best way to develop a plan to submit with your readmission application. When communicating with you major adviser, be sure to include details about any classes you took while you were away and provide them with copies of your unofficial transcripts, especially if the courses you took are related to your major. The process for collecting this information to develop a plan can take a number of weeks depending on adviser availability; we suggest you contact your major adviser for this information 4-6 weeks prior to the readmission deadline.

Step 5. Begin the online readmission application.

It is not possible to save an application in progress, which is why you will need to have completed the previous steps before proceeding. After completing ALL of steps 1-4, you are ready to submit your application:

Final Checklist:

  • You have updated your contact information and reviewed/resolved your enrollment holds
  • You have prepared a letter for the Academic Standing Committee addressing your readiness to return (for those who left UCSC while not in good academic standing)
  • You have a completed Academic Planning Form approved by your major adviser(s).
  • You have unofficial transcripts for all classes you have taken while away from UCSC, including any information about in progress coursework

Apply for Readmission